Creating iBooks Author Templates


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On 29th March 2012, Elaine Giles delivered a webinar “Creating iBooks Author Templates” in which she demonstrated how to customize the included templates and build your own templates from scratch using iBooks Author. As an experienced IT Training Consultant, Elaine has been creating training materials for over 20 years and as soon as the software was released by Apple, she set herself a task of building an interactive book that showcased all the features of iBooks Author. The book, which is almost 100 pages, was used as a case study during the webinar and is also available as a free download.

The webinar lasted 1 hour and 17 minutes in duration (plus 21 minutes of Q&As) and covered the following topics

  • Template theory
  • Templates included with iBooks Author
  • Third Party Templates
  • Custom built Templates
  • Working with Cover Pages
  • Working with Intro Media
  • Working with layouts
  • Changing page backgrounds
  • Creating new page types
  • Making Template elements editable
  • Saving a file as a Template
  • Making a new file based on a custom Template
  • Sharing a Template

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