Designing a Training Manual with iBooks Author


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On 7th June 2012, Elaine Giles delivered a webinar Design a Training Manual in iBooks Author in which she demonstrated the key features of iBooks Author that facilitate the creation of the next generation of training materials.

The webinar lasted 1 hour 12 minutes (plus 13 minutes of Q&As) and covered the following topics:

  • Working with Templates
  • Meta Information
  • Repurposing Training Materials
  • Importing Word DOCX Files
  • Manually Correcting Imported Text
  • Styles
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Live Linking to Numbers Data
  • Inserting Audio Files
  • Inserting Video Files
  • Customizing Labels
  • Working with Interactive Images
  • Creating Image Galleries
  • Inserting Keynote Presentations
  • Using Class Widgets
  • Working with Review Questions
  • Adding a Timeline
  • Previewing on an iPad

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