Create an Interactive Adventure in Keynote Webinar Recording


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On 10th May 2012, Elaine Giles delivered a webinar Create an Interactive Adventure in Keynote in which she demonstrated how to create interactive presentations that can be incorporated in to any iBook you create. Elaine demonstrated how to create iBooks Author Zoo a fully immersive and embeddable presentation and followed this by creating a 3D Timeline in Keynote.

The webinar lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes in duration (plus 15 minutes of Q&As) and covered the following topics:

  • Basic Hyperlink Navigation
  • Advanced Hyperlink Navigation
  • Controlling Presentation Navigation
  • Previewing the Embedded Presentation
  • Proof Copies v. Exported iBooks
  • Creating a 3D Timeline
  • Exporting a 3D Timeline
  • Adding a 3D Timeline to iBooks Author
  • Previewing a 3D Timeline on an iPad

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