One of the most glaring omissions in the first version of iBooks Author is the lack of a way to add a link to an image.

There is a workaround though that means you can achieve that very thing with some clever use of carefully placed text.

Add an Image


Add the graphic you want to add a link to.

Here I’ll be using the NWMUG logo on page 85 of the MacBites iBook – download this iBook free from

Add the Link Text


Use the text tool to add a text box over the graphic and add some text to it. The exact text doesn’t matter as it won’t be displayed in the finished iBook.

Add the Link


Select the text added in the previous step and use the Inspector to add the required link to it.

Format the Link Text


Again with the text selected (1) click the color well in the Text Palette (2) and use the Colors palette to format it and set the opacity of the text to 0% (3).

Preview the Link on iPad


Transfer the Proof of the iBook to an iPad and preview the page. You should see the graphic but not the text. Tapping on the graphic will open Safari and load the link specified previously.

One Gotcha!


While there is no text displayed over the link in page view on the iPad the eagle-eyed may notice that the text can be seen in the page thumbnail but you do really have to look for it to notice!

Hopefully Apple will add the ability to have links on graphics natively in future versions of iBooks Author.

Download this How To … as a PDF

Download a PDF version of this How To…