iBooks Author is a free Mac app from Apple for creating eBooks that can be read by using the free iBooks app on an iPad. Books created in iBooks Author can contain text, audio, video, photographs, interactive quizzes and much much more.

iBooks Author Training is your one stop shop for learning iBooks Author. We have webinars, webinar recordings, videos, tip sheets and How Tos to help you get up to speed with iBooks Author and create stunning iBooks on time and on budget.


I’m Elaine, a passionate, enthusiastic trainer, and the founder of iBooks Author Training. It’s my aim to make your iBook creation and publishing experience as simple as possible.

iBooks Author isn’t difficult to use …

… but with a little training you’ll be flying and creating stylish, engaging and interactive iBooks in superfast time.

That’s where iBooks Author Training can help you. From the very day iBooks Author was released we’ve been working with people just like you to help them realize their dream of creating beautiful iBooks based on proven workflows using all the best iBooks Author tips and tricks out there.

We’re here ready and waiting to help you

We’re constantly adding to the range of training we have available with individual webinars, webinar series, one-to-one sessions and video collections. So if you want access to the very best iBooks Author training materials available you’re in the right place

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